About Nicolaj

In the little city of søndersø with only 3000 inhabitans, they can be proud of having
Denmarks largest chips manufacturer and the next big Le Mans star, Nicolaj Møller Madsen.

Hi, my name is Nicolaj Møller Madsen. I'm 23 year old and I have never been as close to my goal,
as i am right now. It's been a dream of mine since I was 4 years old,
when I found my sisters old gokart in my dads autorepair shop.

At that time I already knew that i would become a future racedriver
and one of the best ones


2015 - Vice - Champion
2014 - Junior Champion
2013 - Vice Junior Champion
2010 - 3rd World Champion
2010 - European Champion
2005-2008 - 3x Danish Champion

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My Stats

  • Name Nicolaj Møller Madsen
  • Date 10 March 1993
  • Height 178cm
  • Weight 82 kg
  • Country Denmark
  • Team Phoenix Racing - ProSport Performance
  • Idol Tom Kristensen, Ayrton Senna
  • Hobbies Fitness, Mountainbike, Boxing, Simulator


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